Architectural Studies, The B.A. Path

The B.A. – M.Arch. Path

The B.A.-M.Arch. path at the University of Kansas is designed to give students seeking a professional, accredited Master of Architecture degree the skills in design, visualization, and technology that are required in a professional architecture degree. It also provides formal, advanced instruction in the communication, business, organizational and interpersonal skills that have become especially important in the 21st century.

Students who pursue the 174-credit, six-year B.A.-M.Arch. path of study receive a B.A. in Architectural Studies, and a professional accredited Master of Architecture degree. Approximately one-third of the credits in this path focus on the B.A. degree core and the KU Core Curriculum and the remaining two-thirds involve professional course work.

Years 1 through 3 include studios, workshops and courses that focus on architecture, design and planning while students are also completing the KU Core.  Years 4 through 6 focus on the design/synthesis and technical support classes that are central to the accredited professional degree.

The B.A.-M.Arch. path is highly appropriate for students who intend to become practicing architects and also have multiple academic interests or believe they may be interested in pursuing more than one professional degree.

Undergraduate Admission

First-year and transfer students may be admitted to the B.A. in architectural studies degree program. Contact:

University of Kansas
Michael Swann, Associate Dean,
School of Architecture, Design and Planning
Marvin Hall
1465 Jayhawk Blvd., Room 206
Lawrence, KS 66045-7626

For undergraduate applications, write to:

KU Office of Admissions
KU Visitor Center
1502 Iowa St.
Lawrence, KS 66044-7576


Applications for fall semester should be submitted during the student’s senior year in high school. The priority application deadline is November 1, and the final application deadline is February 1. Completed applications are reviewed, and applicants are notified of their admission status. A complete application includes sixth-semester transcript, rank in class, ACT scores, and a list of courses in progress. Applications received after February 1 are considered but are less likely to be accepted due to space limitations.

Transfer students should apply by October 1 for the spring semester and by the priority deadline of November 1 for the summer and fall terms. The final application deadline is February 1. Space limitations apply to transfer students. Transfer applications received after February 1 are likely to be denied for reasons not connected with the applicant’s academic qualifications. The School of Architecture, Design and Planning encourages applications from women and members of minority groups.

High School Students

High school students are encouraged to apply for admission if they have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 and have a minimum ACT of 23 or a minimum SAT of 1050 and if they will meet the following preparation thresholds by the time they graduate:

  • 3 or more years of math ending with calculus (preferred),
  • 3 or more years of natural science including physics,
  • 3 or more art/drawing classes. Art/drawing classes are preferred over additional drafting or technical courses (1 semester of drafting is adequate),
  • 2 or more years of foreign language (recommended).

Although students who do not meet these minimum thresholds may apply to the Department of Architecture, they are encouraged to enroll in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for a preliminary year of study.

During the first semester of this preliminary year, students should complete:

MATH 105Introduction to Topics in Mathematics3
or MATH 115 Calculus I
ENGL 101Composition3
ARCH 103Introduction to Architecture3

During the second semester, students should complete:

PHSX 114College Physics I1-4
ENGL 102Critical Reading and Writing3

Students already at the University of Kansas may apply to the B.A. in Architectural Studies program by February 1 for admission the following fall. Students must have a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 or higherand space must be available to be admitted to the B.A. in Architectural Studies program.

Transfer Students

Transfer students may be admitted, if space is available, if they have an overall grade-point average of 3.0.

International Students

The School of Architecture, Design and Planning admits only exceptional students from other countries. Standards for admission are set according to the traditions and grading policies of those countries. In some countries, for example, the grade of A is almost never given, while in other countries the A grade is more frequently seen. The number of students admitted depends on the space available on February 1.

Visit the Office of International Student and Scholar Services for information about international admissions.

B.A. - M.Arch Plan


ARCH 1033ARCH 1043 
ARCH 1086ARCH 1096 
ENGL 1013ENGL 102 or 1053 
MATH 105, 115, or 3653KU Core Class, Goal 2, Learning Outcome 23 
 KU Core, Goal 3 Nat. Science (suggest Phsx 114)3-4 
 15 18-19 
ARCH 3803Arch Professional Enrichment Elective3 
ARCH 5403ARCH 5413 
ARCH Urban Dsgn/Sustainable Elective3KU Core Class, Goal 3, Social Sciences3 
Free Elective 13KU Core Class, Goal 4, Learning Outcome 13 
Free Elective 23Free Elective 33 
 15 15 
ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3ARCH 5026
ARCH 6263ARCH 5523ARCH 6053
ARCH 5303ARCH 5313 
Free Elective 43Free Elective 53 
Complete GRE. Submit Graduate Studies form. Make sure GPA is 3.0 or higher   
 12 12 9
ARCH 508 or 509 Arch Design III/IV6ARCH 508 or 509 Arch Design III/IV6 
ARCH 6583ARCH 5603 
ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3 
ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3 
 15 15 
Total Hours: 126-127

Bachelor of Architectural Studies conferred.

Enroll Summer as Graduate Student

Year 4
ARCH 6906
ARCH 6026
Total Hours: 12
Year 5
ARCH 6086ARCH 6098
ARCH 5243ARCH 6243
 9 11
Year 6
ARCH 8XX Professional Option6ARCH 8XX Professional Option6
ARCH XXX Architectural Elective3Professional Enrichment Elective3
 9 9
Total Hours: 38

Master of Architecture conferred.