The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management is a 12 credit graduate-level certificate designed to provide content and skills for the professionally minded student.  The purpose of this graduate certificate is to allow an introduction to the Engineering Management degree by offering a curriculum in management and technical systems with an emphasis on organizing and managing resources to successfully lead engineering or technical personnel and projects. This program is for individuals that have a minimum of 2 years professional engineering management experience. 

What are the admission requirements?

The entrance requirements for students entering the graduate certificate program include:

(a) Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related discipline with a GPA of 3.0 or better

(b) Two or more years of professional engineering management experience

(c) Three letters of reference

*International students must also meet established guidelines currently in use by the University of Kansas.

The proposed Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management requires the completion of four core courses for a total of 13 credit hours.

Foundations of Engineering Management (13 credits)

Core Courses (Four courses, 13 credit hours required)

 (4 credits) EMGT 809: Personal Development for the Engr, Manager

 (3 credits) EMGT 806: Finance for Engineers

 (3 credits) EMGT 821: Strategic Analysis of Technology Projects

 (3 credits) EMGT 813 or 823 OR EMGT 810 or 811: (Design Project Management or Internal Engineering Projects) OR (Applications of Quantitative Analysis in Decision Making or Engineering Systems Simulation)

The courses will be offered so that a student can get the certificate in 1 year.   

Foundations of Engineering Management (13 credits)

Fall Semester: EMGT 809 ,806, 810, 813

Spring Semester: EMGT 811, 823

Summer Semester: EMGT 821