Biotechnology Program

The biotechnology program bridges the gap between biology, biochemistry and clinical laboratory sciences, preparing graduates for the ever-evolving life-sciences field.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Biotechnology

General Education Requirements

In addition to degree and major requirements for all plans and subplans, all students must complete the KU Core.

General Science Requirements
CHEM 130
  & CHEM 135
General Chemistry I
   and General Chemistry II
CHEM 330Organic Chemistry I3
or CHEM 310 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry
CHEM 331Organic Chemistry I Laboratory2
PHSX 114College Physics I1-4
MATH 115Calculus I3
or MATH 125 Calculus I
BIOL 150Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology4
or BIOL 151 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Honors
BIOL 152Principles of Organismal Biology4
or BIOL 153 Principles of Organismal Biology, Honors
BIOL 350Principles of Genetics4
BIOL 400Fundamentals of Microbiology3
BIOL 416Cell Structure and Function3
BIOL 600Introductory Biochemistry, Lectures3
Bachelor of Applied Science Core Curriculum
COMS 310Introduction to Organizational Communication3
or COMS 330 Effective Business Communication
MATH 365Elementary Statistics3
or PSYC 210 Statistics in Psychological Research
MGMT 305Survey of Management and Leadership3
Biotechnology Requirements.
BTEC 300Introduction to Biotechnology3
BTEC 330Biotechnology Regulation and Documentation Processes3
BTEC 340Biotechnology Research Methods and Applications3
BTEC 341Principles of Bioprocessing Laboratory I1
BTEC 405Microbial Genetics Laboratory4
BTEC 440Biotechnology Research Methods and Applications II3
BTEC 441Principles of Bioprocessing Laboratory II1
BTEC 450Applied Bioinformatics3
BTEC 460Introduction to Quality Control/Quality Assurance in Biotechnology3
BTEC 475Bioseparations Laboratory2
BTEC 494Selected Topics in Biotechnology1
BTEC 599Biotechnology Capstone Experience3
Elective Requirements. (6 hours) Choose a total of 6 hours from the following:
BTEC 501Ethical Issues in Biotechnology1
BTEC 541Gene Expression Analysis: Microarrays2
BTEC 542Protein Expression in Insect Cells2
BTEC 545RNA Interference and Model Organisms2
BTEC 424Independent Study in Biotechnology1-3
BTEC 547Bioanalytical Lab2

Major Hours & Major GPA

While completing all required courses, majors must also meet each of the following hour and grade-point average minimum standards:

Major Hours
Satisfied by 46 hours of major courses.

Major Hours in Residence
Satisfied by a minimum of 15 hours of KU resident credit in the major. 

Major Junior/Senior Hours
Satisfied by a minimum of 43 hours from junior/senior courses (300+) in the major.

Major Junior/Senior Graduation GPA
Satisfied by a minimum of a 2.0 KU GPA in junior/senior courses (300+) in the major. GPA calculations include all junior/senior courses in the field of study including F’s and repeated courses. See the Semester/Cumulative GPA Calculator.

Below is a sample 4-year plan for students pursuing the BAS in Biotechnology. To view the list of courses approved to fulfill KU Core Goals, please visit the KU Core website

This degree plan assumes students will have the equivalent of MATH 101 or MATH 104 prior to the freshman year, fall semester.

Goal 2.1 Written Communication (Second Course, 2 Crs Required)3Goal 2.1 Written Communication (First Course, 2 Crs Required)3
COMS 130 (Goal 2.2 Oral Communication, BAS Core Pre-requisite)3MATH 115 (Goal 1.2 Quantitative Literacy, General Science Requirement)33
CHEM 135 (General Science Requirement)15CHEM 130 (Goal 1.2 Quantitative Literacy or Goal 3 Natural Science, General Science Requirement)5
BIOL 152 (Goal 3 Natural Science, Major Requirement)4BIOL 150 (Goal 3 Natural Science, Major Requirement)24
 15 15
Goal 4.2 Global Awareness3Goal 3 Humanities3
PHSX 114 or 211 and 216 (Goal 1.1 Critical Thinking, Goal 1.2 Quantitative Literacy, or Goal 3 Natural Science, General Science Requirement)4Goal 4.1 US Diversity3
BIOL 400 (Goal 3 Natural Science, General Science Requirement)13CHEM 310 or 330 (General Science Requirement)1,43
MATH 365 or PSYC 210 (BAS Core Requirement)3CHEM 331 (General Science Requirement)2
BIOL 416 (Major Requirement)13BIOL 350 (Major Requirement)14
 16 15
Goal 6 Integration & Creativity3Goal 5 Social Responsibility & Ethics3
BIOL 600 (General Science Requirement)13COMS 310 (Goal 3 Social Science, BAS Core Requirement)3
MGMT 305 (BAS Core Requirement)3BTEC 300 (Major Requirement)3
BTEC 330 (Major Requirement)3BTEC 405 (Major Requirement)14
Elective (Total Hours)3Elective (Total Hours)3
 15 16
BTEC 475 (Major Requirement)2BTEC 450 (Major Requirement)3
BTEC 599 (Major Requirement)13BTEC 494 (Major Requirement)1
BTEC 460 (Major Requirement)3BTEC 341 (Major Requirement)1
BTEC 440 (Major Requirement)3BTEC 340 (Major Requirement)3
BTEC 441 (Major Requirement)1BTEC Elective 400+ (Major Requirement)52
BTEC Elective 400+ (Major Requirement)52BTEC Elective 400+ (Major Requirement)52
 Elective (Total Hours)2
 14 14
Total Hours: 120

CHEM 310 is a Fall only course offered at the Lawrence campus.  BIOL 350 and BTEC 405 are Fall only courses offered at the Edwards campus.
CHEM 135 is a Spring only course offered at the Lawrence campus.  BIOL 400 and BIOL 600 are Spring and Summer courses offered at the Edwards campus.  BIOL 416 and BIOL 599 are Spring only courses offered at the Edwards campus.


Concurrent or prior enrollment in CHEM 130 is required.


Requires a Math ACT score of 26+, a comparable SAT or KU Math Placement Exam score, or credit for a MATH 101 or 104 equivalent course. 


Most medical schools require the full CHEM 330, 331, 335, and 336 sequence.


Refer to the Degree Requirements tab for a list of courses that can fulfill this major requirement.

Please note:

All students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are required to complete 120 total hours of which 45 hours must be at the Jr/Sr (300+) level.

The same course cannot be used to fulfill more than one KU Core Goal.