Completion of all six courses in the proposed curriculum with a grade of "B" or better in each of the six courses:

On January 15th, 2015, the KU-Edwards campus convened over 25 scientists, managers, executives, and human resources specialist from regional science-oriented companies and agencies in a Science Manager Curriculum Development Workshop.  At this workshop, the general objectives of and needs were presented to the group, and facilitated small-group discussions were used to elicit from the participants the ideal skillset for a scientist-manager and the curriculum for a science manager program.  Based on discussions with managers and scientist at companies and agencies, focus groups, and surveys, we have crafted a 12-credit-hour, 6-course curriculum designed to address the need for professional skills by science professionals.

12 credit hours:

EVRN 771:  Project Management for Science Managers (2.0)

EVRN 772:  Organizational Management for Science Managers (2.0)

EVRN 773:  Management of People in Science Organizations (2.0)

EVRN 774:  Financial Management in Science Organizations (2.0)

EVRN 775:  Organizational Communication for Science Managers (2.0)

EVRN 776:  Law, Ethics, and Intellectual Property for Science Managers(2.0)