ABSC 871. Practicum I in Behavior Analysis: _____. 1-6 Hours.

Instruction and supervised laboratory or field work for master's students. Practica are offered by different faculty members on different topics; may be repeated for credit if the content differs. Topics and instructors are announced in the Schedule of Classes. (Formerly HDFL 873.) Prerequisite: Graduate standing in applied behavioral science or instructor permission. FLD.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Applied Behavioral Science


...in Parenting ABSC 535 Developmental Psychopathology ABSC 565 Applied Developmental Psychology ABSC 871 Practicum I...

Doctor of Philosophy in Behavioral Psychology


...ABSC 871 Practicum I in Behavior Analysis: _____ ABSC 872 Practicum I in: _____ ABSC...

Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science


...behavioral interventions. ABSC 870 Practicum I in Behavioral Psychology 1-6 ABSC 871 Practicum I...

Master of Public Health


...of ABSC 710 , ABSC 875 , and ABSC 876...and Policy 3 PRVM 871 Environmental Monitoring and...