CEAS 710. Interdisciplinary Research Methods for Global Contexts. 3 Hours.

This course addresses the challenges for students engaged in research in an interdisciplinary and international context. The course will take issues for research and place them within the structure of a research design process, including formulation of a general question, the appropriation of theory, the grounding of a literature review, and the positing of a testable research question and/or hypothesis. Students will also be exposed to research methodologies and how these manifest themselves through the logic of the disciplines--such as anthropology, sociology, geography, political science, history and literature. With a final thesis project design in mind, students will be expected to be able to utilize the research tools of accessing secondary analytical data, archival research, SPSS, ArcView and methods such as survey construction, implementation, and analysis, interviews, content analysis, dicourse analysis, case study, and GIS. (Same as GIST 710.) Prerequisite: GIST 701 or consent of instructor. LEC.

Master of Arts in Contemporary East Asian Studies


...Three (3) Required Courses: CEAS 704 : Contemporary East Asia CEAS 710 : Interdisciplinary Research Methods for...