EALC 530. Chinese Literature and Culture: Premodern Times. 3 Hours NW AE42 / H/W.

An examination of Chinese literature and culture from earliest times to the modern period. This course is taught at the 300 and 500 levels with additional assignments at the 500-level. Prerequisite: An introductory East Asian studies course, such as ECIV 104 or ECIV 304 or EALC 105; or consent of the instructor. Not open to students with credit in EALC 330. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Languages and Cultures


...culture: EALC 330 China's Cultural Legacy or EALC 530 China's Cultural Legacy EALC...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...China EALC 420 Daily Life in China From the Opium War to 1911 EALC 530...

Bachelor of Social Work


...EALC 105 Living Religions of the East EALC...Social Environment (6) SW 530 Human Behavior in...

Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


...Women and Violence WGSS 530 Sex and Gender...Sexuality in Arab Societies EALC 418 Sexual Politics...

Minor in Human Sexuality


...Sexuality in Roman Culture EALC 418 Sexual Politics...Women and Violence WGSS 530 Sex and Gender...