ENGL 355. Nonfiction Writing I. 3 Hours H.

An introduction to the literary techniques of nonfiction and practice in the writing of one or more of the genre's subtypes, such as the personal essay, the familiar essay, the lyric essay, the memoir, nature writing, or travel writing. Prerequisite: Prior completion of the KU Core Written Communication requirement. Recommended: Prior completion of one 200-level English course. LEC.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in English


...ENGL 352 Poetry Writing I ENGL 353 Screenwriting I ENGL 354 Playwriting I ENGL 355...

Bachelor of Science in Education


...following: 3 ENGL 351 Fiction Writing I ENGL 355 Nonfiction Writing I ENGL 360 Topics...

Minor in English


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Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training


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