ENGL 780. Composition Studies. 3 Hours.

This course surveys the field of composition studies, examining major issues and theories in the study of writing. The course may include theories from classical to contemporary rhetoric, composition theory from the twentieth century, and the most current debates in the study of writing. LEC.

Master of Arts in English


...thesis must enroll in ENGL 899 . M.A...sequence (required for TAs), 780, or other appropriate...

Doctor of Philosophy in English


...introduction to the field: either ENGL 800 or ENGL 780 . 2 seminars (courses numbered 900...

Co-Major in European Studies


...Kingdom) ENGL 309 The British Novel ENGL 314...and Capitalist Development SOC 780 Advanced Topics in...

Master of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies


...of Latin America 3 ENGL 790 Studies in...Brazilian Literature 3 PORT 780 Special Readings in...