EPHX 623. Physics of Fluids. 3 Hours.

An introduction to basic fluid mechanics in which fundamental concepts and equations are covered. Topics include hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, wave propagation in fluids, and applications in the areas such as astrophysics, atmospheric physics, and geophysics. (Same as PHSX 623.) Prerequisite: MATH 127; MATH 290; PHSX 212 and PHSX 236 (or PHSX 214 can replace PHSX 212 and PHSX 236.) LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics


...or EPHX 531 Electricity and Magnetism EPHX 601...I 3 C&PE 623 Chemical Engineering Design...

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering


...2) 3 C&PE 623 Chemical Engineering Design...BIOL 420/PHSX 600/EPHX 600 Topics in...