EVRN 148. Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies. 3 Hours NB GE3N / N.

This course presents an overview of our understanding of environmental processes and issues. Topics include scientific principles, resource issues, pollution and global change, among others. This course gives students a rigorous understanding of interactions between humans and their environment and provides students with a scientific basis for making informed environmental decisions. (Same as GEOG 148.) LEC.

Minor in Environmental Studies


...of the following: EVRN/GEOG 148 Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies or EVRN/GEOG 149...

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science


...of Environmental Studies. Satisfied by the following: EVRN 148 Scientific Principles of Environmental Studies 3...

Bachelor of Arts in Geology


...GEOL 572 Geophysics 3 EVRN 332 Environmental Law (prerequisite: EVRN 148 ) 3 Environmental Geology Options...

Minor in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies


...in Translation, Honors SLAV 148 Introduction to Slavic...Elements of Mathematical Economics EVRN 320 Environmental Policy...

BGS in Environmental Studies


...or EVRN 148 / GEOG 148 , or concurrent enrollment. 5 EVRN 140 , EVRN 332 , and EVRN...