EVRN 150. Environment, Culture and Society. 3 Hours SC GE3S / S.

An introduction to geographic approaches to the study of the environment, emphasizing societal and cultural factors that influence human interaction with the biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere. The course involves analysis of a broad range of contemporary environmental issues from the local to global scales. (Same as GEOG 150.) LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


...3 Basic Sciences: CHEM 150 Chemistry for Engineers...ASTR, ATMO, BIOL, CHEM, EVRN, GEOG, GEOL, and...

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies


...advisor. 3 EVRN 332 and EVRN 460 are...Biology. Satisfied by: BIOL 150 Principles of Molecular...

Minor in Environmental Studies


...EVRN/HIST 103 Environment and History Environment, Culture, and Society. Satisfied by: EVRN/GEOG 150...

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science


...Communication, Honors or COMS 150 Personal Communication Humanities...Satisfied by the following: EVRN 148 Scientific Principles...

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies


...EVRN 103 Environment and History 3 HIST/EVRN...Human Civilization, Honors POLS 150 Introduction to Comparative...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...Development EVRN 320 Environmental Policy Analysis EVRN 332...Development (3) 3 ABSC 150 Community Leadership or...