EVRN 304. Environmental Conservation. 3 Hours NE GE3N / N.

A survey of current methods of describing and modeling the function, structure, and productivity of natural and anthropogenically modified earth resource systems, along with a discussion of contemporary views of what constitutes a natural landscape. Fundamental natural science principles about the interplay among lithospheric, atmospheric, hydrospheric, and biospheric components of earth systems are emphasized. Uses of natural resources, including fossil fuels, minerals, and water, are described with attention to the earth's total energy budget. Human activities that affect preservation, conservation, and multiple uses of earth regions receive attention. Systems under stress through population and other contemporary forces serve as examples. (Same as GEOG 304.) LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies


...ECIV 304 Eastern Civilizations ECON 604 International Trade EURS 604 The European Union EVRN 320...

Bachelor of Arts in Geology


...3 EVRN 332 Environmental Law (prerequisite: EVRN 148...and Science 3 GEOG 304 Environmental Conservation 3...

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities


...Honors World Literature HUM 304 World Literature I...HUM advisor approval: ANTH, EVRN, GEOL, POLS, PSYC...

Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science


...Satisfied by the following: EVRN 148 Scientific Principles...Media. Satisfied by: JOUR 304 Media Writing 3...