EVRN 538. Soil Chemistry. 3 Hours N / LFE.

This course examines the chemical properties and processes of soils and methods of evaluation. Topics include solid and solution speciation, mineral solubility, soil colloidal behavior, ion exchange, surface complexation, soil salinity and sodicity, soil acidity, oxidation-reduction reactions, and kinetics of soil chemical processes. (Same as GEOG 538.) Prerequisite: GEOG 335 or GEOG 535 or EVRN 335 or EVRN 535, CHEM 135 or CHEM 195, MATH 125, or consent of the instructor. LEC.

Minor in Environmental Studies


...EVRN/GEOG 433 Biogeography Field and Laboratory Techniques Environmental Planning Techniques. Satisfied by: UBPL 538...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Environmental Studies


...3-4 UBPL 538 Environmental Planning Techniques ECON/EVRN 550 Environmental Economics EVRN/GEOG 433...