EVRN 540. Ecohydrology. 3 Hours N.

Ecohydrology is the discipline that answers real world hydrologic and biologic questions through integrating knowledge from hydrology, ecology, atmospheric science and biogeochemistry. We focus on the key concepts, methodological approaches and analytical techniques utilized in ecohydrology to understand and quantify: plant water use, evolution of hydrologic properties, groundwater-surface water interactions, controls on landscape patterns, spatial and temporal patterns of soil moisture and nutrient concentrations, and vegetation competition. Students should leave the class having developed critical skills in: 1) reviewing scientific literature, 2) collecting environmental samples, 3) analyzing ecohydrologic data, 4) writing a scientific research paper, 5) working collaboratively and independently. (Same as GEOG 540.) Prerequisite: GEOG 104 or GEOL 101 or GEOL 102, or EVRN 363 or GEOG 336 or permission of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


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