POLS 691. Diplomacy Lab. 1 Hour S.

This course is a supplemental research lab designed to partner with a jr/sr level course offering an innovative program implemented by the US Department of State. Students enrolling in this course team up with a group of four or more students to address a real world problem posed by a State Department officer. This one-credit hour course is intended to function as a special lab project and must be taken in conjunction with a standard course that has a diplomacy lab option. (Same as GIST 696.) Prerequisite: Instructor permission required. LAB.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


...490, LING 420, POLS 494, POLS 495, POLS 496, POLS 497, PUAD 691, SPLH 568...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Public Administration


...not required to take POLS 110 as part...of Civil Society PUAD 691 Internship in Public...