SOC 635. Globalization and Environment. 3 Hours S.

The focus is on the sociological facets of global environmental problems (e.g., climate change, biodiversity, fresh water problems, toxic waste; invasive species) and especially their relationship to globalization, growth, and what environmental sociologists have called the "human exemptionalist model." We address global environmental problems, political divisions over them, environmental movements and justice, and adaptation and mitigation strategies. The sociological literature on these issues and different environmental social theories are discussed (e.g., ecological modernization, treadmill theory, metabolic rift). Special attention is given to the impact of globalization and expansion of the global economy relative to the biosphere and consequent spikes in the consumption of resources and production waste. (Same as EVRN 636.) Prerequisite: SOC 104 or EVRN 103 or EVRN 140, or permission of instructor. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

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