The B.A. – M.C.M. Path

The rise of the design-build approach in the production of buildings has made architectural training as well as a solid grounding in business essential educational elements in the Construction Management profession.  The leadership of complex design-build teams that involve architects, engineers, clients, building contractors, building systems experts, and multiple consultants involves knowledge of the many subfields that inform the building process as well as advanced interpersonal and communication skills.

At the same time, the constant emergence of new design and construction technologies, the development and use of new building materials and the application of new performance and sustainability standards highlight the need for architectural training in the development of professional construction managers.

The B.A. – M.C.M. degree path at KU is a cooperative program involving the Architecture Department and the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering in KU’s School of Engineering.  It allows architecture students to enroll in construction management courses while they are completing studios, workshops and other courses required in the Architectural Studies degree core. 

B.A. –M.C.M. students begin with the Architectural Studies core, and move quickly into professional enrichment courses in Construction Management.  Students have sufficient enrichment electives to include a minor in Business as well.

Undergraduate Admission

Applications are not being considered at this time.

ARCH 1033ARCH 1043
ARCH 1086ARCH 1096
MATH 105, 115, or 3653ENGL 102 or 1053
ENGL 1013KU Core Class, Goal 2, Learning Outcome 23
 KU Core, Goal 3, Nat. Science (suggest PHSX 114)3-4
 15 18-19
ARCH 3803ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3
ARCH Urban Dsgn/Sustainability Elective3ARCH 5413
ARCH 5403KU Core Class, Goal 4.1 Elective3
ECON 104, 105, 142, or 1433-4Free Elective 23
Free Elective 13Free Elective 33
 15-16 15
ARCH Professional Enrichment Electove3ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3
ARCH 5303ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3
ARCH 6263Free Elective 63
CMGT 4573Free Elective 73
Free Elective 42-3Free Elective 83
Free Elective 53 
 17-18 15
CMGT 5003CMGT 7013
ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3CMGT 7023
MATH 365 or ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3ARCH 5313
Free Elective 93ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3
KU Core Class, Goal 6.1 Elective3ARCH Professional Enrichment Elective3
Complete GRE. Submit Graduate Studies form. Make sure that GPA is 3.00 
 15 15
Total Hours 125-128

B.A. Architectural Studies and Undergraduate Certificate conferred.

Year 5
CMGT 7033CMGT 8953
CMGT 7043CMGT 8053
CMGT 7053CMGT XXX Construction Management Elective3
CMGT XXX Construction Management Elective3CMGT XXX Construction Management Elective3
CMGT XXX Construction Management Elective3CMGT XXX Construction Management Elective 3
 15 15
Total Hours 30

Master of Construction Management conferred.