Students may elect 12 hours of graduate-level credit from the courses listed below to satisfy specific curricular requirements for this certificate program.  Students in the professional M.Arch program may enroll in one of the Architecture Design Courses (509, 608, 802 and/or 811/812) and complete the certificate requirements by taking any two public-interest-design electives.  Students from outside of the School could take any of the public-interest-design electives.

Architecture Design Studios

ARCH509 (6) Architectural Design IV (architecture studio with an emphasis on materiality and construction of built assemblies through hands-on activities with focus on community engagement and building elements with community stakeholders)

ARCH608 (6) Architecture Design V (architecture studio with an emphasis on urban spaces with culture, context and precedent as major form determinants)

ARCH802 (6) Urban and Community Issues II (investigations into issues of urban and community-engaged design)

ARCH811 (6) and ARCH812 (6)  Architectural Investigation I and II (Continuation of the critical and rigorous investigations in a particular area of architectural investigation with an increasing focus on synthesis and evaluation)

Architecture Electives

ARCH600 (3) Designing Healthy Communities (theory and case study analysis)

ARCH600 (3) Participatory Design Practices (cross-disciplinary collaboration between Architecture and Public Health to improve population health outcomes and health equity)

ARCH600 (3)  Design Thinking and Ethical Choices (theory and studies of design thinking concepts, techniques and tools)

ADS560 (3)  Push Bikes and Paddleboards (product design and making)

VISC525 / ADS580 (3) Interpretation Design (advanced design studies in environmental graphic design)

ADS560 (3)  Social Innovation (theory and applied social engagement projects)

Applicants must meet all admissions requirements for certificate-seeking graduate admission as defined by the University's policy on Admission to Graduate Study.