Graduate Certificate in Participatory Design

Students may elect 12 hours of graduate-level credit from the courses listed below to satisfy specific curricular requirements for this certificate program.  Students in the professional M.Arch program may enroll in one of the Architecture Design Courses (509, 608, 804 and/or 810) and complete the certificate requirements by taking any two public-interest-design electives.  Students from outside of the School could take any of the public-interest-design electives.

ARCH 700Directed Readings in Architecture: (Required; Directed Readings in Participatory Design is an introduction to participatory methods, theories and case study examples of participatory design. Asynchronous/online--summer course offered. )3
ARCH 509Designbuild6
ARCH 608Urban Dwelling6
ARCH 804Design-Build and Materiality II6
ARCH 810Public Interest Design Studio (with Professor Joe Colistra)6
ARCH 600Special Topics in Architecture: _____ (or ADS560; courses must be community engagement focused)3

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