Graduate Certificate in Book Arts

The Graduate Certificate in Book Arts requires at least 12 credit hours of coursework. The specific course requirements are as follows:

Cornerstone Courses: (6 credit hours)
VISC 710Letterpress3
VISC 740Bookmaking3
Total Hours6
Studio, Cultural & Historical Electives: (6-7 credit hours)
VISC 735Book Arts3
VISC 712Letterpress II: Form and Content3
PRNT 500Advanced Special Topics in Printmaking: _____ (Papermaking or Japanese Woodblock)3
PRNT 526Printmaking IV A (Intaglio)3
PRNT 527Printmaking IV B (Lithography)3
PRNT 528Printmaking IV C (Serigraphy)3
EXM 500Advanced Special Topics in Expanded Media: ______ (The Artist's Book)3
ADS 560Topics in Design: _____ (Hamilton Wood Type Workshop)3
ART 595Advanced Study Abroad Topics in: _____1-6
ADS 532Study Abroad: _____ (Typography & Printmaking in Italy)3
ADS 533Study Abroad Documentation (Typography & Printmaking in Italy)3
ENGL 751Fiction Writing III3
ENGL 752Poetry Writing III3
ENGL 753Writers Workshop3
ENGL 756Forms: _____3
HA 510Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books3
Important Notes:

While VISC 710 and VISC 740 are specifically required for the certificate, they are not prerequisite for enrollment in course options for the Studio, Cultural & Historical Electives component of the certificate.

In order to officially earn the Certificate in Book Arts, students must email Linda Talleur (program coordinator, and Zac Shields (Coordinator of Design Student Services & Advising, to declare the certificate. Students should do so when they know that they intend to pursue the certificate.

Helpful Contacts:

Linda Talleur, Program Coordinator and Instructor:

Zac Shields, Coordinator of Design Student Services & Advising:

Applicants must meet all admissions requirements for certificate-seeking graduate admission as defined by the University's policy on Admission to Graduate Study.