BFA in Visual Art with Concentration in Visual Art Education

Below is a sample 4-year plan for students pursuing the BFA in Visual Art with a concentration in Visual Art Education.  To view the list of courses approved to fulfill KU Core Goals, please visit the KU Core website.

Gaol 1.1 Critical Thinking3ENGL 101 (Goal 2.1 Written Communication/BA Writing 1))13
ART 1013ART 1023
HA 150 (Goal 3 Arts and Humanities)3ART 1033
MATH 101 (Goal 1.2 Quantitative Literacy)3HA 1513
ART 1051C&T 235 (Goal 4.1 US Diversity)3
ELPS 250 (Goal 5 Social Responsibility & Ethics)3 
 16 15
PNTG/PRNT/TD studio course3PNTG/PRNT/TD studio course3
CER/METL/SCUL studio course3CER/METL/SCUL studio course3
HA Non-Western (Goal 4.2 Global Awareness)3VAE 3203
BIOL 100
BIOL 102 (Recommended; Goal 3 Natural Science)
4EXM/Photo Studio course3
ENGL 102 (Recommended; Goal 2.1 Written Communication/BA Writing II))13COMS 130 (Goal 2.2 Communication)3
 16 15
Studio Emphasis 1 3Studio Emphasis 33
Studio Emphasis 23Studio Emphasis 43
HA Elective3SPED 3263
HA 1900 - Contemporary3VAE 3953
EPSY 3201C&T 301 or 3023
ABSC 1603C&T 3591
 16 16
Studio Emphasis 53VAE 5009
Studio Emphasis 63EPSY 5202
VAE 4305Elective1
ELPS 5373Must complete & pass KU-EPA Portfolio, submit for review to SOEHS for PK-12 Art Licensure
 14 12
Total Hours 120

The BA requires completion of two courses of collegiate-level writing instruction. Students who test out of Composition will still need to complete ENGL 102 (or equivalent) and one additional Goal 2.1 course. 


Must be admitted to the AED Professional Sequence by Spring Sophomore year

Please note:

All students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are required to complete 120 total hours of which 45 hours must be at the Jr/Sr (300+) level.

The same course cannot be used to fulfill more than one KU Core Goal. However, overlap of a KU Core course with a major or degree-specific requirement is allowed. Overlapping is recommended to allow more opportunities to explore other majors and/or minors.