The Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management is a 12 credit graduate-level certificate designed to provide content and skills for the professionally minded student.  This graduate certificate serves as an introduction to the Engineering Management degree by offering a curriculum in management and technical systems with an emphasis on organizing and managing resources to successfully lead engineering or technical personnel and projects. This program is for individuals who have a minimum of 2 years professional engineering management experience. 

The admission requirements for students entering the graduate certificate program include:

(a) Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related discipline with a GPA of 3.0 or better

(b) Two or more years of professional engineering management experience

(c) Three letters of reference

*International students must also meet established guidelines currently in use by the University of Kansas.

The proposed Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management requires the completion of four core courses for a total of 13 credit hours.

Foundations of Engineering Management (13 credits)

Core Courses (Four courses, 13 credit hours required)

 (4 credits) EMGT 809: Personal Development for the Engr, Manager

 (3 credits) EMGT 806: Finance for Engineers

 (3 credits) EMGT 821: Strategic Analysis of Technology Projects

 (3 credits) EMGT 813 or 823 OR EMGT 810 or 811: (Design Project Management or Internal Engineering Projects) OR (Applications of Quantitative Analysis in Decision Making or Engineering Systems Simulation)

The courses will be offered so that a student can get the certificate in 1 year.   

Foundations of Engineering Management (13 credits)

Fall Semester: EMGT 809 ,806, 810, 813

Spring Semester: EMGT 811, 823

Summer Semester: EMGT 821