Below is a sample 4-year plan for students pursuing the BA in Human Biology with a concentration in Anthropology. To view the list of courses approved to fulfill KU Core Goals, please visit the KU Core website.

This degree plan assumes students will have the equivalent of MATH 101 or MATH 104, or equivalent prior to the freshman year, fall semester.

ENGL 101 (Goal 2.1 (2 crs req), BA Writing I)13ENGL 102 (Goal 2.1 (2 crs req), BA Writing II)3
CHEM 130 (General Science Requirement, BA Lab Req, BA Quantitative Req)25MATH 115 (Goal 1.2, General Science Requirement)23
BIOL 150 or 151 (Goal 3 Natural Science, General Science Requirement)34CHEM 135 (General Science Requirement)45
BIOL 105 (General Science Requirement)*1BIOL 152 or 153 (General Science Requirement)4
Goal 3 Social Science (PSYC 104 Recommended)3 
 16 15
1st Semester Language (BA Second Language)52nd Semester Language (BA Second Language)5
MATH 116 (General Science Requirement)3BIOL 350 (Major Requirement)4
ANTH 345 (General Science Requirement)4Major Category Course (Major Requirement)63
CHEM 310 or 330 (Major Requirement)4, 53Elective or possible minor course (Total Hours)3
CHEM 331 (Major Requirement)2 
 17 15
3rd Semester Language (BA Second Language)34th Semester Language, or 1st semester of Another Language (BA Second Language)3-5
PHSX 114 (or PHSX 211 & 216) (Goal 1.1 Critical Thinking, General Science Requirement)4PHSX 115 (or PHSX 212 & 236) (General Science Requirement)4
BIOL 416 (Major Requirement)43Major Category Course (Major Requirement)63
Goal 2.2 Communication3Major Category Course (Major Requirement)63
Elective or possible minor course (Total Hours)3 
 16 13-15
BIOL 570, MATH 365, or PSYC 210 (General Science Requirement)43-4BIOL 599 (Major Requirement, Goal 6)71
Major Category Course (Major Requirement)63Major Category Course (Major Requirement)63
Major Category Course (Major Requirement)63(Major Category Course if needed (Major Requirement))63
Goal 3 Humanities (300+ recommended)3Goal 4.1 US Diversity (300+ Recommended)3
Goal 5 Social Responsibility & Ethics3Goal 4.2 Global Awareness (300+ Recommended)3
 15-16 13
Total Hours: 120-123

The BA requires completion of two courses of collegiate-level writing instruction. Students who test out of Composition will still need to complete ENGL 102 (or equivalent) and one additional Goal 2.1 course.


Requires a Math ACT score of 26+, a comparable SAT or KU Math Placement Exam score, or credit for a MATH 101 or MATH 104 equivalent course. MATH 125 can be taken instead of MATH 115 and MATH 116 to fulfill the Math requirement.


Concurrent or prior enrollment in CHEM 130 is required.


CHEM 135 offered only in spring; BIOL 416, BIOL 570, and CHEM 310 are only in fall. 


Most medical schools require the full CHEM 330, CHEM 331, CHEM 335, and CHEM 336 sequence and PHSX 114/PHSX 211& PHSX 216 and PHSX 115/PHSX 212& PHSX 236


Refer to the degree requirements in the catalog, the departmental website, the Degree Progress Report (DPR), or your advisor for a list of applicable courses. Completion of 2 of 4 major categories is required. 


BIOL 599 is approved to fulfill Goal 6. This goal can also be fulfilled by completion of an approved educational experience, or an approved integration of courses and/or experiences. See your advisor for more information. 


Visit this website for a list of courses that fulfill the BA Quantitative Reasoning requirement.


BIOL 105: Biology Orientation Seminar (1 hour online course) is required for the major. It can be taken the summer prior to your freshman year. 

Please note:

All students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are required to completed 120 total hours of which 45 hours must be at the Jr/Sr (300+) level.

The same course cannot be used to fulfill more than one KU Core Goal. However, overlap of a KU Core course with a major or degree-specific requirement is allowed. Overlapping is recommended to allow more opportunities to explore other majors and/or minors.