The Holocaust was a watershed event, not just for the 20th century but also in human history. It was not an accident; it occurred because individuals, organizations, and governments legalized discrimination,  fostered prejudice and hatred, and ultimately committed mass murder. Survivors of the Holocaust are passing away; their voices will soon no longer be heard, their stories no longer told. This certificate will provide basic information about the Holocaust, its context, and similar genocides. The goals are manifold: to combat efforts to deny historical truths and to honor the memory of survivors and their cultural legacies; to combat prejudice, hate, intolerance, and discrimination; to develop recognition and respect for cultural diversity; and to stimulate reflection on the fragility of democratic institutions and the roles and responsibilities of citizens to protect the human rights of all people.


The Holocaust - Choose one of the following:3
The Holocaust in History
Hitler and Nazi Germany
Historical context - Choose one of the following:3
Modern Jewish History
Politics and Conflict in Israel and Palestine
History of Jewish Women
Archaeology of Ancient Israel
Jerusalem Through the Ages
Genocide courses - Choose two of the following:6
The Spanish Inquisition
Religious Zionisms
Medieval to Early Modern Jewish History
Enemies of Ancient Israel
Genocide and Ethnocide
Anthropology of Violence