The undergraduate certificate, Astrophysics of Origins, offers an exposure to the wonders of the Universe and the possible future of space exploration in the 21st century. Building on foundational coursework in physics, the certificate course offerings provide exposure to astrophysics and the search for life in the Universe as well as a cultural appreciation of origin stories from many cultures.

1. PHSX 210 (General Physics I for Engineers, 3 credit hours) or PHSX 211 (General Physics I, 4 credit hours) or PHSX 213 (General Physics I, Honors, 5 credit hours).  

2.  PHSX 212 (General Physics II, 3 credit hours)

3.  Any two of the following courses: ASTR 391 (Physical Astronomy, Honors, 3 credit hours); ASTR 394 (Quest For Extraterrestrial Life, 3 credit hours); PHSX 594 (Cosmology and Culture, 3 credit hours). 

This certificate thus requires between 12 and 14 credit hours.