Minor in Social and Behavioral Sciences Methodology

Minor in Social and Behavioral Sciences Methodology (SBSM)

Are you interested in psychology but have a different academic path in mind? Would you like to enhance your current major for more attention in the workforce?

The Minor in Quantitative Behavioral and Social Sciences is a program that provides undergraduate students a broadened and coordinated platform for advanced training in research methodology and practical research experience.

Students electing to minor in SBSM are provided with an opportunity to receive advanced training in quantitative and qualitative methods as applied in the behavioral and social sciences. This Minor allows students to develop graduate-level expertise in applied statistical methods. Students who graduate with this Minor acquire skills that will significantly enhance their career opportunities in areas related to their primary major (e.g., sociology, political science, psychology, a foreign language).

We invite you to explore this unique minor further by visiting our department site and meeting with our advisors listed here.

Declaring a Psychology Minor

To declare the Psychology minor, you will need to meet with your advisor.