ATMY 910.  Readings in Anatomy.  1-4 Credits.     

Enrollees will select an area of major personal interest and narrow their efforts to some accepted idea in that field. They will delve into the support for this idea by all means available to them, be it scientific literature, opinions of practicing physicians and other medical scientists, or chart review, to come up with an evaluation that they consider satisfactory. The selected subject of interest can deal with any area of medicine since this is to be primarily an experience that promotes motivation for self-learning.

ATMY 915.  Advanced Topics.  2-4 Credits.     

Special studies which allow students to further their training in one or more areas. Assignments are tailored to fulfill the needs of the individual and usually include readings and laboratory work guided by frequent conferences with an advisor. Prerequisite: Permission of department.

ATMY 920.  Research.  4 Credits.     

Original independent study of a problem approved by the student's advisor or advisory committee. Prerequisite: Permission of department.