EMRM 976. Emergency Medicine. 2-4 Hours.

This rotation will introduce the student to the clinical practice of Emergency Medicine. The student will observe and participate as a member of the Emergency Department team, in handling a variety of patient problems and complaints, under the direct supervision of the full time Emergency physician. The student will develop patient evaluation skills, examining unscreened patients under faculty supervision. The information gained from performance of this history and physical exam will aid in the selective use of ancillary services to achieve the most efficient and effective emergency assessment in management of patients seen in the Emergency Department setting. The student will develop and improve skills in suturing, interpretation of radiographs and electrocardiograms, establishing IV lines, and other diagnostic studies and procedures commonly performed in the Emergency Department setting. The student will have clinical exposure to resuscitation techniques and problems. The student will develop an understanding of how Emergency Medicine Services relates to other departments and services. The student will assume appropriate responsibility for management of patient problems under the direct supervision of the Emergency Medicine faculty. The student's evaluation will consist of performance observed by assigned preceptor and director of Emergency Medicine Education. Prerequisite: Medical Basic Sciences and any two of the following four: SGRY 975, INMD 975, PDRC 975, or OBGN 975. CLN.