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AAAS 583 Migration, Diasporas and Development

AAAS 583.  Migration, Diasporas and Development.  3 Credits.   S   

This course introduces students to key concepts in global migration and its implications on development in migrant sending states particularly those on the African continent. It will explore the various migration patterns from Africa (e.g. migration between North Africa and Europe in the aftermath of the Arab Spring), South-South migration, the 'brain drain' of skilled professionals and its implications for development, and the role of diasporas in development. The course will also assess the integration of migrants in major migrant destination regions. Finally, the course will provide students with an opportunity to critically examine the relationship between migration and development in a particular national context of their choice. (Same as GEOG 583.) Prerequisite: GEOG 102 or consent of instructor.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in African and African-American Studies

The Department of African & African-American Studies (AAAS) will provide you with a unique center for studying the relationships among and between all people of African descent. In order to fulfill the mission of the AAAS department, you will investigate the connections between US and global histories, culture, and social and economic systems.  Black Studies, or Africana Studies more broadly, is an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach to studying the experiences of African people, and African-descended people across the Diaspora.  It grew most directly out of campus demands made by black students, and their allies and supporters, during the mass protest movement of the late 1960's and early 1970's. 

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