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AAAS 802. Introduction to Africana Studies: African. 3 Hours.

An introduction to, and overview of, the historical, intellectual, and professional foundations of African Studies; a multidisciplinary examination of the key texts and issues in the field. Additional advanced-level coursework is required for students in this course beyond lower-level courses of the same name and/or description. LEC.

Master of Arts in African and African-American Studies

The Department of African and African-American Studies offers interdisciplinary substantive and language courses leading to the Master of Arts degree in two areas of concentration: (1) African, and (2) African-American studies.

Graduate Certificate in African Studies

Academic goals of the program The central objective of the Department of African & African-American Studies (AAAS) and The Kansas African Studies Center (KASC) in this certificate program is to formally recognize the expertise students in a range of disciplines already obtain in African Studies, in a manner that enhances students' career opportunities. The Graduate Certificate in African Studies enables graduate students to formally claim expertise in an area of the field of African Studies, through completion of 12 hours of graduate coursework.