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AAAS 804. Seminar in Africana Studies. 3 Hours.

An interdisciplinary, comparative exploration of the histories, cultures, and societies of Africans and peoples of African descent. Students will be required to utilize the skills gained in AAAS 801 and AAAS 802 to design and implement a project that will be critically assessed in the seminar. Additional advanced-level coursework is required for students in this course beyond lower-level courses of the same name and/or description. Prerequisite: AAAS 801 and AAAS 802 or consent of instructor. LEC.

Master of Arts in African and African-American Studies

The Department of African and African-American Studies offers interdisciplinary substantive and language courses leading to the Master of Arts degree in two areas of concentration: (1) African, and (2) African-American studies.