ABSC 160. Introduction to Child Behavior and Development. 3 Hours SI GE3S / S.

An introduction to child behavior and development with an emphasis on the normal developmental range of growth, intelligence, cognition, emotion, language, and social skills from birth to adolescence. (Formerly HDFL 160.) LEC.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science


...Code Title Hours ABSC 100 Introduction to Applied Behavioral Science 3 ABSC 160 Introduction to...

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology


...Satisfied by one of the following: 3 ABSC 160 Introduction to Child Behavior and Development...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...3 ABSC 150 Community Leadership or ABSC 151...of Human Rights PHIL 160 Introduction to Ethics...

Bachelor of Social Work


...CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT (one of the following) ABSC 160 Introduction to Child Behavior and Development...

Undergraduate Certificate in Child Welfare


...Seminar II - 3 hours Applied Behavioral Science (ABSC 160) - 3 hours Psychology (PSYC 104) - 3...

Global and International Studies Minor


...of Cultural Anthropology ANTH 160 The Varieties of...131 Comparative Societies, Honors ABSC 150 Community Leadership...