ABSC 304. Principles and Procedures of Behavioral Interventions. 3 Hours GE3S / S.

An examination of the application of the principles and procedures of behavior analysis in interventions used to address problems in adolescent and family life, adult behavioral issues including addictions, childhood autism, community health, early childhood education, intellectual and developmental disabilities, language development, organizational behavior management, and physical disabilities. The course focuses on fundamental elements of behavior change and specific behavior-change procedures to increase and maintain appropriate behaviors and reduce inappropriate behaviors. Issues in design, implementation, measurement, and evaluation of the effects of behavioral interventions and the ethical implications of the use of these interventions are examined. Prerequisite: ABSC 100 or ABSC 101 with a grade of C or better. LEC.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science


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Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology


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BA in Applied Behavioral Science with concentration in Basic Research


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Global and International Studies Minor


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