ABSC 308. Research Methods and Application. 4 Hours GE11 / S.

Examines research methods used to identify, describe, understand, and intervene on socially important problems occurring across the life span (e.g., early childhood, adolescence, elders) and in varied settings (homes, classrooms, group-care facilities, and communities). Discusses research methods and concepts (e.g., prediction, experimental control, reliability, validity) within scientific, psychological, and behavior- analytic frameworks. Presents strategies and tactics regarding descriptive and experimental methods, direct and indirect measurement, graphical and statistical analysis, and single-subject and group experimental designs. Examines ethics and social responsibility in research. Provides opportunities to read primary and secondary sources, develop research questions, write and present research proposals, and assist in the conduct of research projects. Prerequisite: ABSC 100 or ABSC 101 and ABSC 304 with a grade of C or better in each course. LEC.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science


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Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology


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BA in Applied Behavioral Science with concentration in Basic Research


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