ABSC 310. Building Healthy Communities. 3 Hours SF AE51 / S.

This course teaches knowledge and skills for addressing issues in community health and development (e.g., substance abuse, adolescent pregnancy, child and youth development, prevention of violence). Students learn core competencies such as analyzing community problems and goals, strategic planning, intervention, and evaluation. In a service-learning component, students apply these skills to issues that matter to them and to the communities they serve. (Formerly HDFL 310.) LEC.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science


...ABSC 100 Introduction to Applied Behavioral Science 3 ABSC 150 Community Leadership 3 ABSC 310...

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology


...following courses: ABSC 150 Community Leadership ABSC 310 Building Healthy Communities or ABSC 311 Building...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...Leadership or ABSC 151 Community Leadership, Honors ABSC 151 Community Leadership, Honors ABSC 310 Building...

Department of Applied Behavioral Science


...either individual behavior or public affairs; ABSC 310 / ABSC 311 also fulfills the public affairs...