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ABSC 350. The Behavioral Treatment of Children with Autism. 3 Hours S.

Students learn about methods of teaching children with autism and about evaluating those methods. Topics include: basic methods of teaching as applied to imitation, productive and receptive language, self-help skills, and engagement in community activities, as well as observation and measurement of behavior in community settings and evaluating consumer satisfaction. The course consists of classroom lectures, discussions, demonstrations, examinations, and completion of laboratory and observation assignments. Enrollment priority is given to majors who intend to do practicum work with children with autism. (Formerly HDFL 350.) Prerequisite: ABSC/HDFL 304 or instructor permission. LEC.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science

Why study applied behavioral science? The Department of Applied Behavioral Science offers a curriculum through which students learn how to examine and address problems of social importance across the lifespan. Students receive training in the application of behavioral science to improve the human condition through prevention and intervention.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology

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Minor in Human Sexuality

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