ABSC 410. Behavioral Approaches in Working with Adolescents. 3 Hours S.

Addresses some of the basic behavioral techniques used with juveniles who have problems in school, at home, or in the community: readings and role-playing sessions covering assessment of problems, relationship development, observing and defining behavior, teaching and contracting techniques, and counseling. Prerequisite: ABSC 304 highly recommended. LEC.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science


...Science 3 ABSC 304 Principles and Procedures of Behavioral Interventions 3 ABSC 410 Behavioral Approaches...

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology


...Communities, Honors ABSC 350 The Behavioral Treatment of Children with Autism ABSC 410 Behavioral Approaches...

Minor in Leadership Studies


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Minor in Human Sexuality


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Global and International Studies Minor


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