ABSC 535. Developmental Psychopathology. 3 Hours S.

A review of contemporary psychological and developmental disorders of children and youth. Course presents current models of psychopathology, classification systems, assessment methods, and treatment approaches designed for the individual, the family, and the community. Specific attention is given to age, gender, and cultural differences and similarities. Topics include: anxiety disorders, oppositional behavior disorders, physical/sexual abuse, learning disabilities, depression, chronic physical illness, and autism. (Same as PSYC 535.) (Formerly HDFL 535.) Prerequisite: ABSC/HDFL 160 or PSYC 333, or instructor permission. LEC.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science


...3 ABSC 535 Developmental Psychopathology ABSC 437 Independent Living and People with Disabilities ABSC 565...

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology


...hours selected from the following: ABSC 535 Developmental Psychopathology ABSC 565 Applied Developmental Psychology BIOL...

Minor in Leadership Studies


...3 ABSC 150 Community Leadership or ABSC 151...Applications. Satisfied by: LDST 535 Seminar in Leadership...