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ABSC 677. Practicum in Preschool Education and Intervention I. 3-5 Hours AE61 / S.

A one-semester practicum providing opportunities for students to assume responsibility for the education and guidance of young children in an early childhood program. Regularly scheduled individual and staff conferences enable students to evaluate personal growth and progress as teachers of young children. (Formerly HDFL 492.) Prerequisite: ABSC/HDFL 444 (or concurrent enrollment) and instructor permission. Must also meet special state requirements for child care employees and volunteers. FLD.

Minor in Applied Behavioral Science

Why study applied behavioral science? The Department of Applied Behavioral Science offers a curriculum through which students learn how to examine and address problems of social importance across the lifespan. Students receive training in the application of behavioral science to improve the human condition through prevention and intervention.

Minor in Leadership Studies

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