ACCT 599. Internship in Accounting. 1-3 Hours.

Internships provide opportunities for students to combine their academic education with a meaningful experience in the business world. Accounting internships allow students to explore career pathways in accounting, further their professional growth, expand professional networks, and increase the relevancy of their academic course work. The internship course combines job-related activities of the accounting internship position with a set of academic requirements. These requirements include academic assignments as well as a pre- and post-internship seminar held in the semester before and after the semester in which the internship occurs. Internships for credit must be approved by the Director of the Internship Program prior to the internship experience. Students may not receive more than three hours of internship credit from ACCT 599. ACCT 599 may count as an Accounting elective for students majoring in Accounting. Prerequisite: Approval of the internship; two of the following: FIN 310 or FIN 311, MGMT 310 or MGMT 311, MKTG 310 or MKTG 311, SCM 310 or SCM 311. Enrollment restricted. INT.