ADS 533. Study Abroad Documentation. 3 Hours.

Consists of research work prior to the trip as well as follow-up and required studio work due after return. A portfolio of work will be required for a grade. Course will also fulfill Design-specific requirements or studio credits for other majors. Areas may designate specific Design courses as substitutions for this course. Prerequisite: Junior level or higher standing in Design or with permission of the instructor. Corequisite: ADS 532. LEC.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design

...Credit ADS 560 Topics in Design: _____ ADS 532 Study Abroad: _____ (and ADS 533...

Graduate Certificate in Book Arts

...Manuscripts and Early Printed Books _____ 3 ADS 533 Advanced Design Studies: Typography, Printing and...

Undergraduate Certificate in Book Arts

...HA 510: Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books ADS 533: Typography & Printing in Italy Documentation

Bachelor of Science in Education

...urban and suburban communities. Added endorsement options in...Classroom 3 C&T 533 Curriculum and Instruction...