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ADS 601 Design Ethics

ADS 601.  Design Ethics.  3 Credits.     

Since the time of Socrates, philosophers have struggled with understanding everyday moral dilemmas, In this course, we will look at how cultures throughout history have framed everyday moral choices and how those choices apply to working as a designer/artist/architect in our contemporary world. Through presentations, guest lectures, small group discussions, and role-playing experiences, we will question and analyze ethical and moral problems faced by today's shapers of culture. This course is named after industrial designer Victor Papanek, who served as a Distinguished Professor of Architecture & Design at KU from 1981 until his death in 1998. His 1971 book "Design for the Real World" is credited as being one of the first publications which challenged designers to understand their social and ecological responsibilities. Open to all graduate students. Prerequisite: Graduate student status.

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