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AE 360. Introduction to Astronautics. 3 Hours.

Introduction to astronautical engineering. The history of astronautics, including rocketry and space flight. Fundamentals of astronautics, including space environment, astrodynamics and the analysis and design of spacecraft systems. Design, construction and launch of a prototype earth-satellite using a high-altitude balloon. Prerequisite: MATH 122 or MATH 126. Corequisite: A course in computer programming. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles and supervise manufacture of these products. They explore advances in air flight and space exploration. Aerospace engineers typically work for aircraft, guided missile and space vehicle industries, national research laboratories, commercial airlines, and federal government agencies.  

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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Undergraduate Certificate in Bioengineering

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