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AE 521. Aerospace Systems Design I. 4 Hours AE61.

Preliminary design techniques for an aerospace system. Aerodynamic design, drag prediction, stability and control criteria, civil and military specifications. Weight and balance, Configuration integration, design and safety, design and ethics, and social responsibility for engineers. Written technical reports. Prerequisite: AE 421, AE 508, AE 551, and AE 572. LEC.

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineers design, develop, and test aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles and supervise manufacture of these products. They explore advances in air flight and space exploration. Aerospace engineers typically work for aircraft, guided missile and space vehicle industries, national research laboratories, commercial airlines, and federal government agencies.  

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics

...AE 508 Aerospace Structures II (3) or AE 509 Honors Aerospace Structures II AE 521...

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

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