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AMS 177 First Year Seminar: _____

AMS 177.  First Year Seminar: _____.  3 Credits.   U   

A limited-enrollment, seminar course for first-time freshmen, addressing current issues in Americna Studies. Course is designed to meet the critical thinking learning outcome of the KU Core. First-Year Seminar topics are coordinated and approved by the Office of First-Year Experience. Prerequisite: First-time freshman status.

Minor in Jewish Studies

...Bible, Honors 3 JWSH 177 First Year Seminar...List Code Title Hours AMS 344 Case Study...

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in African and African-American Studies

...Advanced Language courses. AAAS 177 First Year Seminar...S. Since Emancipation AAAS/AMS/HIST 316 Ministers...

Minor in Human Sexuality

...Human Sexuality WGSS 311/AMS 323/HUM 332...the major advisor. WGSS 177 First Year Seminar...