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AMS 576. Cultural Geography of the United States. 3 Hours S.

Distributions of major culture elements including folk architecture, religion, dialect, foodways, and political behavior are systematically studied from a predominantly historical perspective. These discussions are followed by a survey of the major culture regions in America. Although not absolutely necessary, familiarity with concepts treated in any of the following courses would be helpful: AMS 100, AMS 110, ANTH 108, ANTH 308, GEOG 102, or GEOG 390. (Same as GEOG 576.) LEC.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in American Studies

Career Opportunities American Studies graduates are prepared for a broad array of occupations. Recently our graduates have entered jobs in museums, libraries, social policy, government, politics, journalism and education. Many have entered graduate work in American studies or disciplines in their concentrations. See an advisor for a list of American studies courses that may meet teacher licensure requirements in history and social sciences.

Minor in Latino/a Studies

Why study American studies? Because American studies offers a creative environment to learn, think, and reflect about American culture, history, and communities from both a national and global perspective.

Minor in Human Sexuality

...Everyday Life WGSS 311/AMS 323/HUM 332...Japanese Literature or WGSS 576 Love, Sexuality and...