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ANAT 846 Advanced Neuroscience

ANAT 846.  Advanced Neuroscience.  5 Credits.     

Team-taught, in-depth neuroscience course focusing on normal and diseased brain function at the molecular, cellular and systems levels. Lectures and discussions will emphasize current issues in neuroscience research. (Same as PHCL 846, PHSL 846, NURO 846, and NEUS 846.) Prerequisite: Permission of the course director.

Doctor of Philosophy in Cell Biology and Anatomy

The Ph.D. program in Anatomy and Cell Biology prepares the student for a career in independent research and/or teaching. The Ph.D. is typically followed by postdoctoral training in a specific field of study. Graduates of this program have obtained positions in industry, government, and consulting, as well as faculty positions at the college, university, and medical/graduate school level.