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ANTH 308 Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 308.  Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology.  3 Credits.   SC S   

This course covers the fundamental concepts, theories, and practices of cultural anthropology. It teaches students how to think anthropologically through a survey of classic and contemporary ethnographic texts, spanning a range of geographic and cultural areas. Applying a holistic lens, students will critically analyze inequality, globalization, and human cultural differences across time and space. Topics will include: fieldwork and ethnography; racism; ethnicity and nationalism; gender, sexuality, and kinship; socioeconomic class; the global economy; politics and power; religion; health and development; and art and media. This course logically follows ANTH 160/ANTH 162/ANTH 360. Not open to students who have taken ANTH 108 or ANTH 109.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Anthropology

Anthropologists are concerned with the origin, history, and future of the human species. Our mission is to further our understanding of past and present human societies in their cultural, biological, and environmental contexts. As flows of people, ideas, money, and goods are crossing borders at unprecedented speeds, we are encountering human diversity now, more than ever before. The discipline provides students the knowledge and skills they will need to navigate these complex, multicultural, and rapidly changing worlds. Because we study what it is to be human, the field is one of the most wide-ranging of the academic disciplines.

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