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ANTH 372. Religion, Power, and Sexuality in Arab Societies. 3 Hours NW AE42 / S.

This course examines theories of religion, discourse, power, gender and sexuality in their application to Arab societies. The course introduces different aspects of Arab cultures. Through canonical works, we study political domination, tribal social organization, honor, tribe, shame, social loyalty, ritual initiations and discuss how these issues speak generally to anthropological inquiry. Regionally specific works are then framed by an additional set of readings drawn from anthropological, linguistics, and social theories. (Same as AAAS 372.) LEC.

Bachelor of Arts in Global and International Studies

...or ANTH 308 Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology ANTH...305 Modern Africa AAAS 372 Religion, Power, and...

Minor in Human Sexuality

...HUM 365 Angry White Male Studies ANTH/AAAS 372 Religion, Power, and Sexuality in Arab...