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ANTH 406 Archaeological Research Methods

ANTH 406.  Archaeological Research Methods.  3 Credits.   S LFE   

A survey of basic field methods and laboratory procedures associated with specimen acquisition, preparation, analysis, classification, and measurement of archaeological materials. In this course students will apply archaeological methods to the study of stone tools, ceramics, and animal bone, learn which field and lab methods to use in a range of research scenarios, interpret human behavior on the basis of artifacts and features recovered from archaeological sites, use introductory flintknapping techniques to produce a stone tool, study the major dating and chronological methods used in archaeology, and complete labs and projects that require analysis and interpretation of archaeological materials. Prerequisite: ANTH 110/ANTH 111 or ANTH 150/ANTH 151 or ANTH 310 or permission of instructor.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of General Studies in Anthropology

Anthropologists are concerned with the origin, history, and future of the human species. Our mission is to further our understanding of past and present human societies in their cultural, biological, and environmental contexts. As flows of people, ideas, money, and goods are crossing borders at unprecedented speeds, we are encountering human diversity now, more than ever before. The discipline provides students the knowledge and skills they will need to navigate these complex, multicultural, and rapidly changing worlds. Because we study what it is to be human, the field is one of the most wide-ranging of the academic disciplines.